How many 4-H meetings should be held in a year?

This depends on the individual club, but one meeting a month is suggested. Since there are different types of clubs, there are many ways in which meetings can be arranged. The most common meeting patterns are:

  1. One regular meeting at which both business and projects are covered. Generally this will suit a club carrying only one project, although extra project meetings may occasionally be necessary.
  2. Two meetings a month: one for business and perhaps some project teaching, and one for projects only. This schedule is useful for clubs with more than one project group since each project can arrange its own meeting place and time for the second meeting.
  3. Large clubs with a number of different projects may find it best to hold all their project meetings separately, with each project arranging its own schedule. Since it may be difficult to transact business with a large number of members, much of the business may be carried out by the executive and committees. Meetings of whole club may be held every two months, for example. These meetings will give general direction to the business of the club, such as approving executive decisions and appointing committee. Many clubs also have a social evening as part of the meeting. Project groups may take turns to provide a program of demonstrations and recreation. The important point is to work out an arrangement to suit your club.

What is the agenda for a typical 4-H club meeting?

4-H meetings should have variety. Nothing kills 4-H spirit like having the business part of the meeting drag on. It is important that a recreation or educational program be included along with the business meeting.

Here is a suggested meeting outline:

Opening : 4-H pledge and perhaps an activity 5 min.
Business Meeting 15-20 min.
Program – project session or special program / guest speakers 30-45 min.
Recreation – 30 min.

What is Leadership Screening Procedure?

To be diligent with current risk management procedures all Nova Scotia 4‐H leaders will be screened every three years, with the following rotation:

  • South Shore and Eastern Regions during the 4-H year 2012-2013, 2015-2016, etc.
  • Central and Western Regions during the 4-H year 2013-2014, 2016-2017, etc .
  • Valley and Cape Breton Regions during the 4-H year 2014-2015, 2017-2018, etc.

If a leader was screened within the two years leading up to the regional screening year for their area, he/she can wait for the next rotation to be re-screened. Please click here for leader screening information.

What is the function of the County 4-H Leaders Council?

4-H leaders or senior members are automatically members of the County 4-H Leaders Council. The Leaders Council promotes 4-H club work, and plans and co-ordinates 4-H activities within your county.

All leaders in the club should try to participate in county council meetings and activities on this level.

What are the activities undertaken at the club level?

Club activities could include: public speaking, demonstrations, Achievement Day, parties, dances, fundraising events, sports, tug-o-war, community service projects (such as food bank drives, adopt-a-grandparent, area cleanup, etc.).

What activities are available to 4-H club members at the county, regional, and provincial levels?

County Activities vary with each county but may include:
Public speaking, demonstrations, dances, woodsman competitions, workshops, tours, skating parties, winter carnivals, fundraising, leadership training, conferences, and exhibition programs.

Regional and Provincial Activities:
Provincial 4-H Weekend, Provincial 4-H Show, Chat-a-Rama and public speaking rallies, leader conferences, etc.

How is the 4-H program financed?

Club level – the club is self-supporting. A $3.00 per member membership due must be paid to the County Leaders Council annually. An additional membership fee may be set by the club. Operating expenses and financing for special events must come from club funds. A sponsoring organization may assist a club in special programs.

County Level – The County 4-H Leaders Council undertakes fundraising activities to finance county events and programs.

Provincial Level – The NS 4-H Council is a not for profit organization who raises funds.  Their program is financed by membership fees, fund raisers, corporate donations, government agencies and private donations.