Nova Scotia 4-H Council

President – Heather Williams – email Heather

Past President - Eva Cook - email Eva

1st Vice-President – Sue Works - email Sue

2nd Vice-President – Wendy Hudgins – email Wendy

Secretary – Ralph Clark – email Ralph

Treasurer – Jim Houghton – email Jim

The Nova Scotia 4-H program has established both County and Provincial Leader Councils. Each council performs specific functions for their areas. Through these councils, a member or leader has the opportunity to influence decisions at every level of 4-H.

Every leader or senior member belongs to the county leaders’ council. This council oversees 4-H in the county. They select and send representatives to the Provincial Council Meetings.

The Provincial Council in Nova Scotia is the Nova Scotia 4-H Council. It is composed of representatives from all six provincial regions. It acts on behalf of members and leaders in the province.

The Canadian 4-H Council assists 4-H in Nova Scotia by providing the funds for members from various provinces to travel across the country to various conferences and seminars. The Nova Scotia 4-H Council provides 4-H items for sale, and supports provincial 4-H activities and Camp Rankin, among many other things. Nova Scotia 4-H has representation of leaders and members at the Canadian 4-H Council level.


4-H is a youth development organization which promotes leadership, encourages the care and responsibility of our resources, and builds positive life skills to secure a sustainable future for Nova Scotia.


To advance the 4-H program in partnership with the Nova Scotia department of Agriculture to strengthen communities by providing life and technical skills to those involved members, leaders and parents.

*Develop leadership and life skills in Nova Scotia youth

* Encourage the education of the public about the 4-H program

* Promote 4-H

The motto, “Learn To Do By Doing,” is an important process which applies to both members and leaders. Participating in the 4-H program will influence the development of 4-H members, leaders, families and communities in a positive way.