4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors

President – Sue Works

1st Vice-President – Wendy Hudgins

2nd Vice-President – Scott Masters

Past President – Heather Williams

Secretary – Michele Meaney

Treasurer – Kevin MacEachern

Central Director – Geoff Baldwin

Cape Breton Director – Natalie Marsh

Eastern Director – Dianne Sinclair

South Shore Director – Terri Foster

Valley Region Director – Vanessa Lentz

Western Region Director – Jillian Comeau

Atlantic Committee Director – Dianne Cox

4-H NS Hostess – Hayley Frail

4-H NS Host – Michael Congdon

YAC – Ella Lentz


The board executive consist of president, 1st and 2nd vice president, secretary, treasurer and past president.  In addition, six regional directors sit on the board. The board has three voting youth positions including provincial 4-H Host and Hostess and YAC representative who are 4-H members.  The board appoints committees of 4-H leaders, members, staff and others to assist, coordinate and implement programs as required throughout the year.

The Nova Scotia program contains both County and Provincial Leader Councils. Each council performs specific functions for 4-H in the area. Through these councils, a member or leader has the opportunity to influence decisions at every level of 4-H.  Every leader or senior member belongs to the county leaders’ council. This council oversees 4-H in the county. They select and send representatives to Provincial Council Meetings (ie. Annual General Meeting).

4-H in Nova Scotia is supported by very active volunteers who work to support the mission of 4-H in the province.  The objectives and mission of 4-H Nova Scotia are realized through the implementation of numerous programs and activities for both the youth membership and adult leaders.

4-H Canada assists 4-H in Nova Scotia by providing some funds and opportunities for members to travel across the country to various conferences and seminars. 4-H Nova Scotia has representation of leaders and members at the 4-H Canada level.


4-H is a youth development organization which promotes leadership, encourages the care and responsibility of our resources, and builds positive life skills to secure a sustainable future for Nova Scotia.


To advance the 4-H program, in partnership with the Nova Scotia department of Agriculture, to strengthen communities by providing life and technical skills to those involved including members, leaders and parents.

  • Develop leadership and life skills in Nova Scotia youth
  • Encourage the education of the public about the 4-H program
  • Promote 4-H

The motto, “Learn To Do By Doing,” is an important process which applies to both members and leaders. Participating in the 4-H program will influence the development of 4-H members, leaders, families and communities in a positive way.