The first step to start your year in 4-H is to choose a project. Learning new skills, making things and visiting places with friends are all a part of a 4-H project. Members can take one project or many projects. For first-year members one project is probably enough. These are some questions to help you choose a project:

  • What interests you most in school?
  • What are your favourite hobbies and books?
  • What do you and your family and friends like to do when you are together?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • What have you seen at a 4-H display, fair, or show that you thought might be fun to make or do?
  • Are you interested in livestock/animals and/or life skill projects?

After you’ve answered these questions, look through the projects in the list below and list the ones that interest you. Don’t forget the self-determined project in which you choose your own interest area to develop a project.

Give some thought to the projects you have listed. Do they match your abilities? Do you have the time, money and equipment to complete the project?

Talk to your parents and 4-H leaders; they can help you choose a project that matches your needs, ability and resources.

In 4-H projects, each project consists of numerous “units” that a member may take. Some are progressive in nature; others are specific to the animal or skill being learned.
The variety of units means there’s lots to learn and lots of challenge for both younger and older members. As part of each project, 4-H members keep records of their work throughout the year.
Clubs also plan activities such as demonstrations, judging, building educational displays, public speaking, camping, fund-raising or just having fun!

Dairy Calf
Learn about selecting a calf, nutrition, grooming, health, showmanship and how dairy farms operate.

Beef Calf
Members learn about selecting their calf, feeding, care, showmanship, and about commercial beef production. Market Steer project is also offered.

Learn about various goat breeds, care, feeding, showmanship, and conformation.

In this project, learn about raising a lamb, nutrition, housing, management, clipping, wool production, and showmanship. Market Lamb project is also offered.

This is an excellent choice for members looking for a small livestock project. Learn about fancy and utility rabbit breeds, care, and feeding, showmanship, and conformation.

Poultry / Waterfowl
Which came first – the chicken or the egg? Purchase chicks to raise, or hatch your own. Learn about care, feeding, housing, showmanship, and conformation. A Market Turkey project is also offered.

Learn about care, feeding, housing, showmanship, and conformation of different breeds of ducks.

Light Horse-Western / Light Horse-English
Giddy up! Learn about horse breeds, showmanship, general care, grooming, English or Western riding, and much more. A Light Horse Driving project is also offered.

Mini Horse
Learn about raising and showing miniature horses.

Dog Obedience
Take your dog through obedience classes to learn a variety of commands and behaviors.

Trace your history! Research your family tree and explore the crafts, foods, and other aspects of days gone by.

Junior Leader
The Sky’s The Limit! This project is for senior members who are looking for a challenge. It’s designed to build leadership skills by providing you with the chance to lead any aspect of your club which interests you, such as a project group, recreation, communication, etc. (For members age 14 and older).

Cake Decorating
Is there a special occasion coming up? Learn basic cake decorating techniques and then advance to create designs, borders, and flowers.

Say cheese! Learn how to take different types of photos of animals, people, landscapes, and special effects.

Real Skills
Real Employment and Life Skills Program – Grades 10 and up only

Self Determined
Create a project from an idea of your own. Plan, design, carry out, and evaluate a project to fit your special interest (For members age 14 and over).

Make the garments of your choice! Five levels are available in this project so there’s something for everyone – from small household items to prom dresses and jackets. And then model them!

This project gives you a chance to be creative! Members are required to complete three articles using different techniques. The possibilities are endless!

Great Outdoors
Explore the Great Outdoors! Learn about trees, plants, hiking, camping, wildlife, how to use a compass and maps, and much more.

Scrap Booking
Have boxes and boxes of photos – why not try this new project and organize them into a scrapbook for everyone to see.

Do you have a green thumb? This project will help you learn to grow, maintain, and harvest your own vegetable garden.

Do you want to learn to build things with wood? A table? A birdfeeder? This project offers lots of choices for both the beginner and experienced member.

Small Engines
Have you ever wondered how engines work or how to fix them? Learn about the parts of small engines, how they are assembled, and troubleshooting.

Learn types of welding equipment, safety procedures, and how to make different types of welds.

In this project, members learn about different types of tractors and how they work, and participate in driving competitions.